Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Minerals on Digitalis

Super Minerals Multitudes (ACE012) —out of stock

"This is an album full of zoned-out drones that smolder and sink deep down into the mud. Synths wallow in the sun-dried ruins while guitar & bass write new epochs with shards of sonic debris. Fried whispers drift in the analog breeze slipping in and fading out before you even realize they're there. Late night whirrs and gentle skeletal purrs make a home in these aural prisms, never quite letting the blood boil.
" - Digitalis Industries

"Maximal ecstatic drone with sunlit organs swirling into a mesmerizing cloud of sound and wordless vocals. This sounds like the music for a sun-worship ritual of a idyllic lost world. Gorgeous." - Boa Melody Bar

"Psychotropic, simmering drones from Magic Lantern duo Phil French and William Giachhi, who bathe their sustained excursions in suggestively spiritual undertones, combining piercing, meditational bells with far-out effects-spun soundscapes in the vein of Popol Vuh." - Boomkat

Not as heavily into concept as 'The Pelagics' but the duo is still pillaging the murky depths of drone; landing them at the calm center of the storm that is the Magic Lantern family. 'Multitudes', like its predecessor exhumes the tormented ghosts of ancient animal races, creeping forth into your cranium like the unanswered wail of extinction. The album's pieces flow into each other in such seamless perfection that each new one is another glimmer into Multitudes' dense symphony. Beautifully packaged in a limited gatefold cover as only Digitalis can do." - Raven Sings the Blues

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