Monday, April 30, 2012

Inez Lightfoot / Nite Lite — Apogee & Perigee split

Inez Lightfoot / Nite LiteApogee & Perigee split C10 (DSCRMNT01022012) 

"Very excited to officially announce that the second installment in the ongoing DSCRMNT bonus cassette series has started shipping out with customer orders. If you’ve placed an order any day this week or last weekend, a sweet little split C10 will be included in your package when it arrives, this time featuring tracks by NITE LITE (Phil and Myste French from beloved tape label Stunned Records) and Inez Lightfoot (aka Jackie McDowell who runs the micro label Biological Radio with her partner Matthew McDowell aka SAGAS). These guys are all living in Portland, Oregon right now, and I suspect that they’ve been spending some time together because both tracks came to me with essentially the exact same title (which I’m told was completely unplanned and not discussed ahead of time)." — Discriminate Music

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Excavacations — Object Permanence CD

Excavacations "Object Permanence" CD (Weird Forest)

Object Permanence is one of the catchiest releases in the Weird Forest catalog but this isn't empty-calorie Diet Mountain Dew for the ears. The hooks will stand out initially but repeated listens reveal nuances embedded in the music and the care that went into creating these compositions. The boys aren't afraid of big hooks and choruses but they warp traditional song structures and abandon verse-chorus-verse. Indeed, Excavacations don't write songs as much as they craft delicate sonic vignettes, song miniatures that ebb and flow, often interweaving and bleeding into each other. Maximalists by nature, nearly every track incorporates overdubbed layers and unusual sonic elements into its core but somehow it all just works -- the songs never sound overcrowded or weird for the sake of it.

Object Permanence comprises of songs culled from a string of underground cassette releases on the venerable Stunned, Avant Archive and Paramita labels plus 4 new exclusive tracks but the album sounds like a cohesive statement. Partially re-recorded, mixed and mastered specifically for this release, these songs have never sounded better. Exquisite color pencil art by Phil French of Stunned Records. Deluxe CD digipak edition." — Weird Forest

Purchase here:
Weird Forest


Animal Psi

Monday, November 7, 2011

A.M. Shiner / Xiphiidae / Heat Conference / Anvil Dome — split 2x c30

A.M. Shiner / Xiphiidae / Heat Conference / Anvil Dome — split 2x c30 (HR92) —out of stock

“Living, breathing solar slabs from some of the States' most ethereal zoners. A reference/example of chaos dynamics in smooth phonic synchronicity collectively realized in an interconnected hyperspatial consciousness unwittingly bridging these six participants.” —Housecraft

Numbered edition of 75. Cover engraving/print by Evan Galbicka — painted covers, labels, and inserts. All first generation dubs in real time to Premium Master Type I cassettes.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Stunned Aside #12

C. Clother“drawings I did for kids in a rehab” zine —out of stock

From March 2010 until March 2011, I was employed by a rehabilitation center for teenagers. During the summer, I began taking requests from the clients for pictures the wanted me to draw. What’s resulted is a collection of images that started in the minds of this specific demographic, and was translated by my aesthetic sensibility into a visual form. The following is, in a sense, like looking into the minds of teenagers in a rehab. — Chris Clother, Spring 2011

These zines were produced in an edition of 60.

Stunned Aside #11

C. Clother“Ornament Drawings” zine —out of stock

“These drawings have been nearly a year in the making. Begun last summer while suffering a creative block, they were made with left-handed marks while watching a movie. They started as an effort to work with a creative impulse I generally repress: impulsive, immediate, gestural. To balance them, I looked to an ancient form of mark-making, a method of drawing put to the service of spiritual traditions: ornament.” — C. Clother

These zines were produced in a hand-numbered edition of 50.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Stunned Aside #10

C. Clother & Ted Trager“Circle Drawings” zine —out of stock

Spanning now into their third year of successful collaboration, Ted Trager & C. Clother offer one of their most minimalist and cryptic print editions yet with ‘Circle Drawings’. The story goes, Trager brought home interesting pieces of trash found on his trips to Europe and Morocco, then passed these scraps on to Clother who produced illustrations in his amazing style over their textured surfaces. These originals were then collected in this beautifully bound 16-page zine; it’s circular-image motif providing tiny, yet significant, portals into the minds & hearts of these premier artists.

Limited & hand-numbered edition of 80 books, and we have only a few!

Magic Lantern / Ben Nash — split 12”

Magic Lantern / Ben Nash — split 12” (Blackest Rainbow)

“A split LP that sees cosmic psych overlords Magic Lantern deliver two tracks of sublime hypnotic kosmische underwater psych, and Ben Nash turns in three tracks of cosmic drones. Very limited too!” — Piccadilly Records

Magic Lantern / The Hop Frog Kollectiv — split 12"

Magic Lantern / The Hop Frog Kollectiv — split 12” (URCK Records)

“Magic Lantern's side was recorded for Ukulele, Guitar, Flute, Piano, Bells, Hand Drums & Voices….The magic created by the interweaving flute and string melodies creates an epic soundtrack to an Atlantis like Hesse-esque world that'll take you to the outer places you've always needed to explore. The Hop-Frog Kollectiv's side is based on recordings on Silvertone and Hammond organs donated by Shea M. Gauer of OPEN Books and features Yanqin (Chinese dulcimer), Ruan (moon guitar), Been, electric guitar, midi guitar & flutes. The title comes from the regionally known name of three clans in the Atakora Mountains of the Sahara desert who’s ancestral and family ties govern their society through their belief that the dead are permanently among us and constantly influencing us.” — URCK Records

Monday, September 6, 2010

Magic Lantern - Platoon LP

Magic LanternPlatoon vinyl LP (2010)

William Giacchi, Cameron Stallones, Phil French, Gavin Fort, Chip Knechtel, and Bobb Bruno put their heads together for a second session following their successful collaboration on Magic Lantern’s 2008 full-length ‘High Beams.’ What resulted is ‘Platoon,’ the band’s definitive statement to date, and a celebratory document of music made entirely in a spirit of peace, friendship, and psychedelic liberation. Throw down those guns & knives, pick up ploughshare and pipe, and join this platoon as they soar toward the moon. Mastered by James Plotkin, factory sealed.

Magic Lantern - Showstopper 7"

Magic LanternShowstopper 7" (2010)

Two sweaty sides of shade-tiltin’ psych funk from the Lantern crew. ‘Showstopper’ is the reverb-drunk cover version of an epic 1974 Iron Knowledge number. Flip side ‘Cypress’ picks up the step even more, if that’s possible, and sprinkles a magic powder in your tea. Recorded by Bobb Bruno, mastered by James Plotkin.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stunned Aside # 9

Ted Trager Photography book by Christopher Clother —out of stock

"A booklet comprised of Ted Trager's gorgeous photography all snapped while abroad. Scenes from Europe and North Africa captured with Ted's sensibility for form and composition. The books were bound using a sewing machine and my mom's help." - C. Clother

Limited & hand-numbered edition of 50

Stunned Aside # 8

C. ClotherDrawings (Three) zine —out of stock

"A suite of twenty contour drawings hand-stitched together in the standard edition of 50. The drawings were made by copying and ripping up a handful of pre-existing drawings and then gluing them together in little compositions. I would then draw back into them, grafting the disparaging parts together as best I could." - C. Clother

Limited & hand-numbered edition of 50

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stunned Aside #7

C. ClotherDrawings (Two) zine —out of stock

"C. Clother Drawings Two contains images created in the fall and winter of 2009. I began drawing them without intending them to form a cohesive group, but saw certain themes, subjects, and atmospheres that united them all. Together, I see them as generating a mood or impression that describes the personal experience of fatherhood. Feel free to read into the images, create meaning . . . go to town." - C. Clother

Limited & hand-numbered edition of 50, and we have just a few!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Stunned Aside #6

C. ClotherDrawings (One) zine —out of stock

"Most of these pictures were made a year and a half ago in Pennsylvania. I've called them 'finished drawings' because I was careful about their content and composition, working out what the finished drawing would look like before inking them. Other drawings I make rarely have a foreseen endpoint, and are thus, perpetually, unfinished. The pictures here are mostly self-portraits and explore themes of fatherhood, spirituality, religion, and feelings of anxiety and longing." - Christopher Clother

Zine limited to 50 hand-numbered copies; twenty bound pages of b&w illustrations on thick cream paper, housed in illustrated bookpaper pouch. The most beautiful & engaging C.C. book we've stocked yet!

Super Minerals on Peasant Magik

Super Minerals Peasant Magik 8 x 3" cdr Box Set (PM50) —out of stock

Limited edition of 200 hand-stamped 3" cdrs with mind-melting cover art by the great Mike Bukowski! Comes in custom-cut color box with full color zine and additional art. We are honored to share this box set along with Big Blood, Gregg Kowalsky, Natural Snow Buildings, Fabio Orsi, Andrew Paine, Pillars of Heaven, throuRoof, The North Sea, and Valerio Cosi.

Super Minerals on Digitalis Ltd.

Ajilvsga/Super Minerals - Skull Bundle vol. 5 (Digitalis Limited 50e) —out of stock

"The procession was timed so that she would be left alone on the scaffold at the moment the morning star rose. When the morning star appeared, two men came from the east with flaming brands and touched her lightly in the arm pits and groins. Four other men then touched her with war clubs. The man who had captured her then ran forward with the bow from the Skull Bundle and a sacred arrow and shot her through the heart while another man struck her on the head with the war club from the Morning Star bundle. The officiating priest then opened her breast with a flint knife and smeared his face with the blood while her captor caught the falling blood on dried meat. All the male members of the tribe then pressed forward and shot arrows into the body. They then circled the scaffold four times and dispersed." Limited edition of 50 cassettes in norelco case housed in handmade silkscreened pouch. - Digitalis

Monday, November 2, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stunned Aside #5

Ted Trager '15 Photos' art book —out of stock

As the title indicates, this is a T.T. photo collection assembled & bound by Chris Clother with an eye for rhythmic flow and colorful meditation. We all know that when Ted gets to graphic design it makes our eyes ogle & pop, but this process only becomes more amped when he gets a camera in hand. Micro/macro angles and fly-on-the-wall documentation of entropic america, visions of hope & release. 5x5 inch book with cardstock slipsleeve cover, and highly limited to 30 copies.

Stunned Aside #4

Chris Clother 'House Proposals' art book —out of stock

Amazingly detailed & focused collection of 13 black-and-white Clother illustrations, printed on cardstock pages and the whole collection bound and stamped in yin-yang-like collaboration with artist Ted Trager. Our favorite book from these designers yet, each page guaranteed to get you lost for long stretches of time in the elastic fantasy of their minds. Limited edition of 50.

Stunned Aside #3

Chris Clother 'Beach Scenes' postcard book —out of stock

Six monochrome postcards with subtle color detailing, each representing one of the many terrific ethereal zones Clother effortlessly steps in and out of with his illustrative work. Printed on cardstock and pouched in heavy handmade envelopes with silver slipband, assembled with love by T. Trager. Limited edition of 50.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Super Minerals on Housecraft

Super MineralsThe Gooh c40 [HR88] — out of stock

"Recorded at an altitude of infinity, these two west-coast giants have touched the dazzling pinnacle and continue to send back bombs of transformative ether for fertile minds. There's a perpetual unfolding motion with this project that sucked me in from the first time I'd heard 'The Thaw' (released twice now by NNF). Here, that dynamic is ever-more-refined and, again, totally magical. However if your eyes begin to foam violet, you may have had too much of the Gooh." - Housecraft

Tiny Mix Tapes

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Minerals on Digitalis

Super Minerals Multitudes (ACE012) —out of stock

"This is an album full of zoned-out drones that smolder and sink deep down into the mud. Synths wallow in the sun-dried ruins while guitar & bass write new epochs with shards of sonic debris. Fried whispers drift in the analog breeze slipping in and fading out before you even realize they're there. Late night whirrs and gentle skeletal purrs make a home in these aural prisms, never quite letting the blood boil.
" - Digitalis Industries

"Maximal ecstatic drone with sunlit organs swirling into a mesmerizing cloud of sound and wordless vocals. This sounds like the music for a sun-worship ritual of a idyllic lost world. Gorgeous." - Boa Melody Bar

"Psychotropic, simmering drones from Magic Lantern duo Phil French and William Giachhi, who bathe their sustained excursions in suggestively spiritual undertones, combining piercing, meditational bells with far-out effects-spun soundscapes in the vein of Popol Vuh." - Boomkat

Not as heavily into concept as 'The Pelagics' but the duo is still pillaging the murky depths of drone; landing them at the calm center of the storm that is the Magic Lantern family. 'Multitudes', like its predecessor exhumes the tormented ghosts of ancient animal races, creeping forth into your cranium like the unanswered wail of extinction. The album's pieces flow into each other in such seamless perfection that each new one is another glimmer into Multitudes' dense symphony. Beautifully packaged in a limited gatefold cover as only Digitalis can do." - Raven Sings the Blues

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stunned Aside #2

Ted Trager - Art Book — out of stock

Compiled & crafted by Chris Clother, here we have a beautifully packaged review of Ted T. design highlights, printed lushly in full color with a variety of angles, folds, and pouches. A journey for the entire senses, tuned in deep to the entrancing unnoticed details that line our everyday surfaces. Edition of 50, and we have a hyper-limited amount remaining, so act fast if you want more from the designer who brought us the exquisite covers for Sean McCann's 'Sway' & Ajilvsga's 'Crossed Bones.'

Sunday, November 2, 2008

stunned aside #1

Christopher ClotherArt Book — out of stock

Totally excellent illustrations by mysterious Pennsylvania commune-dweller Chris Clother, assembled and bound in this chapbook by design maverick Ted Trager. 16 black-n-white scenes printed on ivory cardstock, featuring nature in full morph, interventions, wonders. Limited & numbered edition of 50 copies in handsome handmade envelopes.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Super Minerals on OMM

Super Minerals The Vooh c60 [OMM003] — out of stock

"When you eventually take this tape out of your player, and that time could be quite far off, don't be surprised if other things come out, too. Sand, jewels, birds, or maybe a suitcase. The tape keeps playing whether or not you keep breathing.

110 clear tapes with white imprinting. In re-sealable baggies
with oversized full color covers, and inside spread has hand-stamped design in red ink. Art by Nicholas Longworth, the photo is in Big Sur. Guest musician John Frank & tape mastering by Bobb Bruno." - OMM



Tiny Mix Tapes

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Super Minerals on DNT

Super Minerals The Piss c30 [DNT037] — out of stock

"New cassette by Long Beach's Super Minerals, which is Phil and William from psych band Magic Lantern. "The Piss" takes a different route than ML using murky drones and faint cries for help. Heavily influenced by old zombie films. Limited to 75 hand numbered copies on piss yellow cassettes with gross hairy label art. Red fishy cover art with yellow splatter." — DNT Records

Ear Conditioned Nightmare
Sublime Dissonance
Animal Psi

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Super Minerals on NNF

Super Minerals The Thaw c120 [NNF106 & NNF106A] — out of stock

"We spent weeks farming through three and a half years worth of Super Minerals' greatest recordings to birth The Thaw, the massive C120 collection we released in early '08. But as edition-of-100s are wont to do, the CS sold out fast and vanished into the yawning past. Which is cool, but we felt this classic deserved a 2nd go-round for the united global earhole, so we fashioned a new edition, and here it is. Exact same music ("murky sunlight string-jangle, jungle Om heatwaves, distant insect whirr, phantom flute whispers, deep drugged rainforests of vibrant harmonic hallucination"), on the exact same high quality pro-imprinted chrome cassettes, but this time each tape is housed in a unique hand-cut full-color wraparound piece of brain-hazed new age art, and tied with a piece of sea glass scavenged in Fort Bragg, CA. Edition of 100." - NNF