Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stunned Aside #5

Ted Trager '15 Photos' art book —out of stock

As the title indicates, this is a T.T. photo collection assembled & bound by Chris Clother with an eye for rhythmic flow and colorful meditation. We all know that when Ted gets to graphic design it makes our eyes ogle & pop, but this process only becomes more amped when he gets a camera in hand. Micro/macro angles and fly-on-the-wall documentation of entropic america, visions of hope & release. 5x5 inch book with cardstock slipsleeve cover, and highly limited to 30 copies.

Stunned Aside #4

Chris Clother 'House Proposals' art book —out of stock

Amazingly detailed & focused collection of 13 black-and-white Clother illustrations, printed on cardstock pages and the whole collection bound and stamped in yin-yang-like collaboration with artist Ted Trager. Our favorite book from these designers yet, each page guaranteed to get you lost for long stretches of time in the elastic fantasy of their minds. Limited edition of 50.

Stunned Aside #3

Chris Clother 'Beach Scenes' postcard book —out of stock

Six monochrome postcards with subtle color detailing, each representing one of the many terrific ethereal zones Clother effortlessly steps in and out of with his illustrative work. Printed on cardstock and pouched in heavy handmade envelopes with silver slipband, assembled with love by T. Trager. Limited edition of 50.