Monday, April 30, 2012

Inez Lightfoot / Nite Lite — Apogee & Perigee split

Inez Lightfoot / Nite LiteApogee & Perigee split C10 (DSCRMNT01022012) 

"Very excited to officially announce that the second installment in the ongoing DSCRMNT bonus cassette series has started shipping out with customer orders. If you’ve placed an order any day this week or last weekend, a sweet little split C10 will be included in your package when it arrives, this time featuring tracks by NITE LITE (Phil and Myste French from beloved tape label Stunned Records) and Inez Lightfoot (aka Jackie McDowell who runs the micro label Biological Radio with her partner Matthew McDowell aka SAGAS). These guys are all living in Portland, Oregon right now, and I suspect that they’ve been spending some time together because both tracks came to me with essentially the exact same title (which I’m told was completely unplanned and not discussed ahead of time)." — Discriminate Music