Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stunned Aside # 9

Ted Trager Photography book by Christopher Clother —out of stock

"A booklet comprised of Ted Trager's gorgeous photography all snapped while abroad. Scenes from Europe and North Africa captured with Ted's sensibility for form and composition. The books were bound using a sewing machine and my mom's help." - C. Clother

Limited & hand-numbered edition of 50

Stunned Aside # 8

C. ClotherDrawings (Three) zine —out of stock

"A suite of twenty contour drawings hand-stitched together in the standard edition of 50. The drawings were made by copying and ripping up a handful of pre-existing drawings and then gluing them together in little compositions. I would then draw back into them, grafting the disparaging parts together as best I could." - C. Clother

Limited & hand-numbered edition of 50