Monday, December 28, 2009

Stunned Aside #6

C. ClotherDrawings (One) zine —out of stock

"Most of these pictures were made a year and a half ago in Pennsylvania. I've called them 'finished drawings' because I was careful about their content and composition, working out what the finished drawing would look like before inking them. Other drawings I make rarely have a foreseen endpoint, and are thus, perpetually, unfinished. The pictures here are mostly self-portraits and explore themes of fatherhood, spirituality, religion, and feelings of anxiety and longing." - Christopher Clother

Zine limited to 50 hand-numbered copies; twenty bound pages of b&w illustrations on thick cream paper, housed in illustrated bookpaper pouch. The most beautiful & engaging C.C. book we've stocked yet!

Super Minerals on Peasant Magik

Super Minerals Peasant Magik 8 x 3" cdr Box Set (PM50) —out of stock

Limited edition of 200 hand-stamped 3" cdrs with mind-melting cover art by the great Mike Bukowski! Comes in custom-cut color box with full color zine and additional art. We are honored to share this box set along with Big Blood, Gregg Kowalsky, Natural Snow Buildings, Fabio Orsi, Andrew Paine, Pillars of Heaven, throuRoof, The North Sea, and Valerio Cosi.

Super Minerals on Digitalis Ltd.

Ajilvsga/Super Minerals - Skull Bundle vol. 5 (Digitalis Limited 50e) —out of stock

"The procession was timed so that she would be left alone on the scaffold at the moment the morning star rose. When the morning star appeared, two men came from the east with flaming brands and touched her lightly in the arm pits and groins. Four other men then touched her with war clubs. The man who had captured her then ran forward with the bow from the Skull Bundle and a sacred arrow and shot her through the heart while another man struck her on the head with the war club from the Morning Star bundle. The officiating priest then opened her breast with a flint knife and smeared his face with the blood while her captor caught the falling blood on dried meat. All the male members of the tribe then pressed forward and shot arrows into the body. They then circled the scaffold four times and dispersed." Limited edition of 50 cassettes in norelco case housed in handmade silkscreened pouch. - Digitalis